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What Comes Next?

Now that I have completed the course…

After completion of the program a 504 Plan or IEP should be set up, The Dyslexia & Learning Disability Center, Inc.® assists in this process. The 504 includes accommodations for all regular classroom settings, including electives (“specials”). The 504 Plan is a legal document which can include up to 60 different changes that help the student perform more efficiently with his/her peers. The IEP only provides a “pull out” with a Special Education teacher, or the teacher joins the classroom to assist with work, goals, and objectives. Depending on the individual; we may recommend a change of teacher, school, or employment. Adults can take a 504 to his/her college, university, or graduate program to help them succeed in receiving credentials and certifications that may be necessary in their line of work. They can also receive accommodations for tests and advancement in training.

The Dyslexia & Learning Disability Center, Inc.® recommends follow-up tutoring that utilizes the skills the individual has learned. We can provide tutors that are trained specifically to work with individuals that come through our program. We also train the family, if the family wishes to provide tutoring. Our tutors, or family members, continue the focusing and academic techniques taught at the center and reinforces these skills, weaving them through the homework, and the person’s life. It is necessary for the follow-up tutoring to occur in order to retrain the individual so that he/she can succeed in life.

The training received at The Dyslexia & Learning Disability Center, Inc.® is a jumpstart program teaching different approaches to learning that is all done ‘behind the scenes’ that can be overlaid anywhere in an individual’s life. We recommend that the person follow through with other recommended referrals to further enhance our work.

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“The Teacher that changed my life.
When I was younger it was hard for me to learn how to read and write. I tried phonics books but they didn’t help me. Then we heard about Betty Ann Judah and Dyslexia. We figured out that I had Dyslexia after I did some tests.

“I started a program with Betty that helped me balance my Dyslexia. It helped me focus and work with my dyslexia. Now I can handle my Dyslexia better and that is why I think Betty Ann Judah changed my life.”
– Rebecca, age 10

My son, Damian wasn’t diagnosed as learning disabled until the fourth grade and by then he was at least three years behind. I couldn’t get the school district to do anything.
“They said he just wasn’t applying himself and that he should study more. Since Damian wasn’t a troublemaker and was mostly quiet, he was never given much attention by any of his teachers.

“He was big for his age and socially adjusted, so he was always promoted. Then something happened that really turned me off at school — at a school conference the teacher said, ‘Damian will never be a brain surgeon.’

“I was furious! I said, ‘This is the last time he will ever be in your classroom.’

“In the summer between the seventh and eighth grade, Damian went through the program, and we were put in touch with a Dyslexia Center™ tutor. Betty helped with an IEP and we even got one of Damian’s favorite teachers to take Betty’s course!

“That year, Damian was on the honor roll for the first time in his life. Damian was also a very gifted athlete. In an article in the Sonoma paper he talked about his dyslexia and described how he felt about Betty’s program. He thought she was very instrumental in helping him. He still has some difficulties, but he graduated with a 3.00 and went on to junior college. He invited Betty to graduation.

“As a family counselor, I often recommend Betty to a family that is experiencing stress because of a child with learning disabilities. Families need to realize that they didn’t do anything wrong, but that they need to address the handicap and find some tools to overcome it, or the whole family will just become dysfunctional over the issue.

“Learning disabilities are frustrating because they can be invisible, and besides people will try to deny that they have any because of the stigma. If your child had a limp, you would get it taken care of, so why hide a disability?

“I work sometimes at juvenile hall, and I think 98% of the residents are there because of learning disabilities that have not been addressed.

“What I like about Betty’s methods is the way they carry over into other parts of life. She advocates for you in the school and gives you a tutor. I highly recommend her program.”
– Ana, Marriage & Family Counselor

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