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Although all of our clients experience varying levels of change, growth, and improved skills, many share that their lives have been enhanced dramatically after completing The Dyslexia Self-Management Training™.

One of the significant shifts a person goes through during and after our training, is that their self-esteem and outlook on life becomes boosted and more positive. They no longer see themselves as inferior to others, learning disabled, or not as smart as everyone else. Imagine the power and renewal that this can give someone!

Besides improving their skills, this shift in self-concept alone can be instrumental in their future successes. We have collected several stories, comments, and letters for you to read. These may have been written by the parent of a dyslexic child, a spouse, the client, or educators. Read the stories of those who have completed The Dyslexia Self-Management Training™.

Lisa, at age 12

Lisa, who came to The Dyslexia & Learning Disability Center Inc. in 1993 at the age of 12, was attending Special Day classes and could not read past the first grade level. Her mother and grandmother had tried several tutoring services and paid a fortune for private tutors, to no avail. By the end of the 27-hour Dyslexia Self-Management Training with us, Lisa’s reading had jumped to the 3rd grade level! Her grandmother, who also attended the course, wept as Lisa read smoothly and confidently. Lisa continued to make great progress. By age 14, she was reading on the 7th grade level, and in high school she began entering regular education classes with her peers. Today, Lisa is a proud mother who regularly works in her children’s classrooms and makes certain that her kids are doing well in school!

Gary, at age 45

Gary, now in his 60’s, was the owner of a business he built from scratch when he entered The Dyslexia Self-Management Training in 1993 as a 5th grade reader. After the Training, he realized he could read 8th grade material smoothly! Highly motivated, Gary eagerly participated in our follow-up tutoring for several years, learned to write his own business letters, and began reading novels for the first time in his life. His confidence and his business blossomed, he successfully sold his business, and retired a millionaire in his mid ’50’s.

Sylvia, at age 10

Sylvia, now 29-years-old and studying international relations in graduate school in Australia, entered our Training in the winter of 1993 at the age of 10. She progressed from 2nd grade reading to the 6th grade level during the 27-hour intensive Training! She has received straight A’s since that time, has been on the honor roll every semester, and has continuously been one of the top students in her class throughout elementary, junior high, high school, and college. She was accepted into the gifted and talented class (GATE) after The Dyslexia Self-Management Training and enjoyed honors classes in high school. No one ever noticed her before her week with us, when she was quiet, scared, and thought she was stupid. By the way, her undergraduate major in college was marine biology.

Catherine, age 11

One year later, Catherine’s mother said:
I could see Catherine, my youngest daughter, was struggling in school. It was almost indiscernible, something only a parent or a teacher on a one-on-one basis would notice. I did some research into it and the word “dyslexia” started coming up. Then, when I read a description of what dyslexics experience, I not only saw my daughter, I saw myself. We learned about The Dyslexia Center and went through the program together in January, 1998. Neither of us had ever experienced anything so enlightening. We looked at each other in amazement. It was like; “Oh, so this is why we see things the way we do.” This is why people explain something to us and we don’t seem to see it the way they do.

Things are very different now. It’s like we gained a suitcase of tools we can use for the rest of our lives, and it’s created a great bond between me and Catherine. We both know when we’re having our dyslexic moments. Sometimes she’ll bring me around and sometimes I’ll bring her around. We’re both happy for each other’s accomplishments.

When I’m trying to accomplish too many things at once, I use the techniques I’ve learned for focusing and it really helps me.

Catherine’s made the honor roll (which was her dream) for the last two quarters. All her grades went up in the six months since we went through the program. In math, she went from a C minus to a B. In reading, she went from a B minus to an A. On the last day of school I drove around to pick her up and she was standing there waving that second honor roll certificate like a flag. When she gets her grades I hug her and tell her how happy I am for her and how I love her and she says, “But thanks to you, too, mom.” It’s gone way beyond academia. It’s nothing short of amazing to me. Aren’t we lucky? It’s changed our life.

(Catherine is now in college!)

Heather, at age 14

Heather was floundering in school when she came to The Dyslexia and Learning Disability Center in 1988 when she was 14 years old. After the one-week intensive, she advanced from 3rd grade reading to the 6th grade reading level. We suggested transferring her to another school to improve her opportunities for success; there we could work closely with her exceptional guidance counselor and hand-pick her teachers for every semester of her high school years. Boosted by our follow-up tutoring, she soon made the honor roll. In her senior year, she won 5 academic awards, ran track, was editor of the school newspaper, and was the only student speaker for her graduating class. Heather spent a year abroad in the Ukraine and returned to her home town to attend junior college, excelling in her classes. She is now happily married and a Special Education teacher. Heather’s mother, a psychologist, was so pleased with Heather’s progress with us that she referred many clients to our center for years afterward.

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“The Teacher that changed my life.
When I was younger it was hard for me to learn how to read and write. I tried phonics books but they didn’t help me. Then we heard about Betty Ann Judah and Dyslexia. We figured out that I had Dyslexia after I did some tests.

“I started a program with Betty that helped me balance my Dyslexia. It helped me focus and work with my dyslexia. Now I can handle my Dyslexia better and that is why I think Betty Ann Judah changed my life.”
– Rebecca, age 10

My son, Damian wasn’t diagnosed as learning disabled until the fourth grade and by then he was at least three years behind. I couldn’t get the school district to do anything.
“They said he just wasn’t applying himself and that he should study more. Since Damian wasn’t a troublemaker and was mostly quiet, he was never given much attention by any of his teachers.

“He was big for his age and socially adjusted, so he was always promoted. Then something happened that really turned me off at school — at a school conference the teacher said, ‘Damian will never be a brain surgeon.’

“I was furious! I said, ‘This is the last time he will ever be in your classroom.’

“In the summer between the seventh and eighth grade, Damian went through the program, and we were put in touch with a Dyslexia Center™ tutor. Betty helped with an IEP and we even got one of Damian’s favorite teachers to take Betty’s course!

“That year, Damian was on the honor roll for the first time in his life. Damian was also a very gifted athlete. In an article in the Sonoma paper he talked about his dyslexia and described how he felt about Betty’s program. He thought she was very instrumental in helping him. He still has some difficulties, but he graduated with a 3.00 and went on to junior college. He invited Betty to graduation.

“As a family counselor, I often recommend Betty to a family that is experiencing stress because of a child with learning disabilities. Families need to realize that they didn’t do anything wrong, but that they need to address the handicap and find some tools to overcome it, or the whole family will just become dysfunctional over the issue.

“Learning disabilities are frustrating because they can be invisible, and besides people will try to deny that they have any because of the stigma. If your child had a limp, you would get it taken care of, so why hide a disability?

“I work sometimes at juvenile hall, and I think 98% of the residents are there because of learning disabilities that have not been addressed.

“What I like about Betty’s methods is the way they carry over into other parts of life. She advocates for you in the school and gives you a tutor. I highly recommend her program.”
– Ana, Marriage & Family Counselor

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