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Self-Management Training™

This Jumpstart Training™ with The Dyslexia & Learning Disability Center, Inc.® will provide clients with the techniques to control and manage their dyslexia. Follow-up tutoring is an essential part of the success of our THE DYSLEXIA SELF-MANAGEMENT TRAINING™; however, post-Training™ tutoring fees are not included in this 27-hour program. We highly recommend that the client receives tutoring from a Dyslexia & Learning Disability Center, Inc.® tutor, tutor friend of the client, or trained family member, who utilizes and reinforces the Training™ skills and techniques.

Ideally, tutoring should begin the week following the Training™. The Dyslexia Self-Management Training™ skills are a priority and will always be taught during all tutoring sessions; thus, each tutoring session needs to include all of The Dyslexia and Learning Disability Center Inc.® skills; tutoring should consist of 50% Training™ techniques and 50% of weaving our program through the homework or work, to assist in integrating these skills into homework or work assignments and into this client’s life.

That is why we recommend that tutoring occur for 1½ hours for two times a week, minimum. One hour twice a week includes just building up and filling in the client’s academic and life skills with our Training™ techniques. Of course, improvement occurs either way! Family and friends assist with tutoring as well, which is why they learn along with the client.

The Dyslexia and Learning Disability Center, Inc.® makes no representations or guarantees of academic success or tutoring outcome, as there are many factors beyond The Dyslexia and Learning Disability Center, Inc.’s™ control that may affect the success of The Dyslexia and Learning Disability Center, Inc.’s™ program. For instance, in order for our Training™ to work, tutoring must occur and tutoring must utilize our skills and techniques.

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“It is incredible stuff. It brings tears of joy to my eyes and touches me in a very special way every time I share with people what my son and I have learned and experienced with this Training.

“Keep in mind, Angelo is a child who has struggled through school since day one. When we heard some of the things we would be accomplishing during our week-long stay at The Dyslexia Center™, we were somewhat skeptical. We looked at each other with that ‘Yeah, right!’ look. But we were told to keep an open mind and I am very glad we were prepped with that.

“The best part of the whole week was when I heard my son say for the first time in all of his school years that he was SMART and he knew he was SMART! Angelo has been set free of the feeling that he was stupid, dumb, slow, not the sharpest knife in the drawer, etc.

“Thanks to Betty Ann’s Self Management program during our week at The Dyslexia Center™, Angelo’s success in life and college is now a reality to him instead of a dream that he didn’t believe would come true.”
– Cindy (Angelo was 16)

“In my concerts I tell people about this journey and what dyslexia means. I discovered my dyslexia has been a major turning point in how I perceive life and how I perceive myself. It brought out some of the better characteristics of who I am.

“I lived under the façade of convincing people that I knew how to read when I didn’t; but I lived in fear because I was afraid someone would find out. It felt good when I finally took the shackles off and faced the truth.

“Then I no longer had to live feeling like I was broken and couldn’t do anything. I enjoy books now and I read whenever I come across something I am really interested in.

“It has been a wonderful journey. There is a lot of talent and potential inside of me. I know now that I am smart. I just don’t learn in the conventional way.”
– Ellen, age 30

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