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Our Programs

Overview of Programs

  • Provides a “jumpstart” program of intensive, individualized instruction for children and adults of all ages. Adult family members and tutors are welcome and are trained in every skill along with the primary client.
  • Incorporates a multi-faceted instructional program, teaching personal control and management of dyslexia.
  • Identifies specific learning problem
  • Teaches methods of “focusing” and resolving perceptual confusion.

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Become a Training Specialist™

Deliver The Dyslexia Self-Management Training™
An intensive program that trains a client or tutor to deliver The Dyslexia and Learning Disability Center Inc.® techniques to new clients (children and adults).

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Self-Management Training™

This Jumpstart Training™ with The Dyslexia & Learning Disability Center, Inc.® will provide clients with the techniques to control and manage their dyslexia. Follow-up tutoring is an essential part of the success of our THE DYSLEXIA SELF-MANAGEMENT TRAINING™; however, post-Training™ tutoring fees are not included in this 27-hour program. We highly recommend that the client receives tutoring from a Dyslexia & Learning Disability Center, Inc.® tutor, tutor friend of the client, or trained family member, who utilizes and reinforces the Training™ skills and techniques.
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Betty Ann Judah
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Las Vegas, Nevada & Beyond

“I was considered smart and hard-working, but I always felt cheated. I thought other kids were having fun while I had to study so much harder than anyone else to get good grades. Some teachers claimed I was not motivated.

“Betty was the first professional and the only person I had spoken with who saw dyslexia as a talent. She gave me a sense of respect and validation which enable me to go out there to ‘do it.’ I was burnt out on education. My whole dream crushed. I thought I would never be able to do anything.

“She teaches proven techniques to help you improve your life. I can do anything and be what I want because of Betty’s program. What she teaches will bring you educational, emotional, and physical rewards that far outweigh the cost of the program.

“This is the only way I know of to turn your failures into success and to achieve your dreams and goals.”
– Scott, age 32

“I was reversing words and letters when reading and writing. It was really hard to concentrate. I was scared of my teacher, who yelled a lot. I couldn’t go into the learning disabilities program because you needed to be two grades behind, and I was behind one, getting Ds and Fs though I tried to do well.

“I began on Valentine’s Day in 1992. Betty knew exactly what I was going through. She could describe the problem and taught me how to explain it to others. I learned that my ability to perceive things from many sides was a gift. It was like a miracle.

“I began getting 100% on my spelling tests. I could do math. I learned how to center myself before a work period or a hard subject.

“Now I can usually just check to make sure I’m focused. I’m now getting straight As. I feel really good that I had the opportunity to go through Betty’s program. It changed my life!”
– Sylvia, age 12 (attended when age 10)

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