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About Us

Vision Statement

  • We at The Dyslexia and Learning Disability Center Inc.® believe that dyslexia is a talent, an intuitive ability to shift perceptions and see the world with a multidimensional view.
  • We believe that learning disabilities, such as ADD, ADHD, auditory processing difficulties, attention problems, as well as memory, study skills, and test-taking difficulties, are all forms of dyslexia, and we can show you how dyslexia works! It’s a fascinating gift!
  • We are an educational center providing answers, solutions, and alternative techniques for adults and children for whom traditional learning methods do not work.

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Our Mission

  • While The Dyslexia and Learning Disability Center Inc.® is available to the general public, we primarily work with learning disabled and dyslexic individuals of all ages. We not only boost clients’ skills; we change peoples’ lives! • We train family members, friends, and tutors to utilize our techniques, assist with homework, and provide follow-up tutoring.
  • We offer assessments and consultations, the Dyslexia Self-Management Training™, school and work advocacy, community workshops, tutorial services, and referrals to additional professional services.

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About Betty

Betty Ann Judah, The Founder and Director of the Dyslexia & Learning Disability Center Inc.® is a corrected dyslexic who earned her B.S. in Education and English Literature from Northwestern University as well as an M.S. in Guidance and Counseling from Purdue University. She has done post graduate work in learning disabilities at Purdue and Ohio State Universities and has studied with The International Dyslexia Association®. Additionally, she completed an internship and 8-year association with the Reading Research Council™.
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Betty Ann Judah
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“I was considered smart and hard-working, but I always felt cheated. I thought other kids were having fun while I had to study so much harder than anyone else to get good grades. Some teachers claimed I was not motivated.

“Betty was the first professional and the only person I had spoken with who saw dyslexia as a talent. She gave me a sense of respect and validation which enable me to go out there to ‘do it.’ I was burnt out on education. My whole dream crushed. I thought I would never be able to do anything.

“She teaches proven techniques to help you improve your life. I can do anything and be what I want because of Betty’s program. What she teaches will bring you educational, emotional, and physical rewards that far outweigh the cost of the program.

“This is the only way I know of to turn your failures into success and to achieve your dreams and goals.”
– Scott, age 32

“I was reversing words and letters when reading and writing. It was really hard to concentrate. I was scared of my teacher, who yelled a lot. I couldn’t go into the learning disabilities program because you needed to be two grades behind, and I was behind one, getting Ds and Fs though I tried to do well.

“I began on Valentine’s Day in 1992. Betty knew exactly what I was going through. She could describe the problem and taught me how to explain it to others. I learned that my ability to perceive things from many sides was a gift. It was like a miracle.

“I began getting 100% on my spelling tests. I could do math. I learned how to center myself before a work period or a hard subject.

“Now I can usually just check to make sure I’m focused. I’m now getting straight As. I feel really good that I had the opportunity to go through Betty’s program. It changed my life!”
– Sylvia, age 12 (attended when age 10)

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